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I used to fly from the Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club, based at Nympsfield, where I had been a member since 2002.

My LS-4 '452'
My old LS-4 '452'


EWTool version 1.0.0

Many glider pilots use EW Model D barographs and many now also have PDAs in their cockpits.

EWTool allows the user of a Pocket PC PDA to read and write the settings of an EW Model D barograph, declare a task and upload traces onto the PDA. In this respect it is similar to EWView/DOS that is provided with the EW Model D, except that it runs on a PDA rather than a PC and does not have the analysis functions of EWView/DOS.

Versions are available for PPC2000/ARM, PPC2000/MIPS, PPC2000/SH3, PPC2002/ARM and PPC2003/ARMV4 and the installer should automatically choose the correct version for your PDA.

EWTool is freeware, see the Licence, ReadMe and download it here.

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